Petter Griffin And Homer Simpson Duke It Out In ‘Family Guy’-'Simpsons’ Crossover Preview

by on February 1, 2015

One would assume Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson, the patriarchs of Family Guy and The Simpsons, could easily be best buddies. However, a debate over beer has the two FOX characters trading blows…

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Elon Musk stars on The Simpsons – CNNMoney

by on January 30, 2015

Elon Musk stars on The Simpsons
Where does Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla Motors, SpaceX and PayPal, get his breakthrough ideas? Would you believe Homer Simpson? That was the premise of "The Musk that Fell to Earth," the latest episode of "The Simpsons" which aired Sunday …
SpaceX's Elon Musk Guest Stars in Spacey 'Simpsons'
Elon Musk's Appearance On 'The Simpsons' Reminds Us How Insane — And Business Insider
Elon Musk explains the science behind his 'Simpsons' appearanceWashington Post (blog)
Slate Magazine (blog) -Den of Geek!
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The Goriest Deaths You Won’t Believe They Got Away With On Network TV

by on January 29, 2015

TV used to have rules. On pay cable- your HBOs, your Cinemaxes- anything and everything is fair play. Want to turn a TV show into softcore porn? Watch a man’s skull pop in the grip of a man-mounta…

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The Simpsons: “The Musk Who Fell To Earth” – A.V. Club Austin

by on January 26, 2015

ABC News
The Simpsons: “The Musk Who Fell To Earth”
A.V. Club Austin
It's not that Elon Musk isn't famous enough to guest star on The Simpsons as himself. Musk—billionaire entrepreneur, inventor, visionary, and so forth is certainly a powerful and influential guy, even if he's not possessed of the sort of pop cultural
Elon Musk Explains Why Lisa Simpson Is WrongABC News
Elon Musk explains the science behind his 'Simpsons' appearanceWashington Post (blog)
Elon Musk stars on The SimpsonsCNNMoney
Den of Geek!
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Quote of the Day

by on January 25, 2015

The Mansion Family4

“Look at those poor saps back on lad with their laws and ethics.  They’ll never know the simple joys of a monkey knife fight.” – Homer Simpson

Dead Homer Society

Reading Digest: Cranky with the Media Edition

by on January 24, 2015

Bustling Newsroom

“Wow, a bustling metropolitan newsroom, funneling scoops from all over the globe.” – Lisa Simpson
“Hi, are you interested in a subscription to the Shopper?” – Sales Dude
“Low introductory rates.” – Sales Lady
“No, please, you gotta help old Gil.  What’s it gonna take to keep you on the phone?  Dance for you?  But you wouldn’t even see it.  Alright, I’m a dancin’!” – Gil

This week, I make only tangentially relevant complaints about several linked articles: lazy sourcing, inappropriate pageview whoring, and two instances of recycled content that sort of, somehow had something to do with the show.  Happily, we’ve got a lot more stuff as well, including more Season 2 breakdowns, a couple of great pieces of fan art, Lego Grampa, and a real life electric hammer.


Snowpiercer: “Sorry Mom, the Mob has spoken!” – How would you cast a dystopian train movie with Simpsons characters?  Start with Mr. Burns taking Ed Harris’s part and work backwards.  (Thanks to JRC & Diana for e-mailing their post in.)

Bart Vs. Thanksgiving – Our buddy Noah continues his adventures through Season 2.

Dead Putting Society – This is the episode that really turned Flanders into Flanders.  It’s not just that he’s richer, nicer, and more popular than Homer, there’s a real guy under there, one who can get pissed off but who’s still relaxed enough to not care about mowing the lawn in his wife’s Sunday dress.

Dancin’ Homer – The original story of degradation and humiliation.

Two Cars In Every Garage And Three Eyes On Every Fish – Heh:

The first time I saw this episode, I honestly thought Mary Bailey was a real governor (I was young, OK?), and I was wondering why the show was kissing this person’s butt so much.

But it’s “Not Just Another State”.

Abe Simpson – Click this.  It’s Grampa made out of Legos.

Gr8at: The Simpsons Jokes – Just some gags from the show.

29 Jokes Only “Simpsons” Fans Will Find Funny – This is a Buzzfeed link, so the headline is misleading clickbait and the actual post is mostly a rehash of stuff that’s been floating around forever.  That said, there were a couple I’d never seen before.

‘The Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening will attend Saturday screening of his father Homer’s films – The headline tells you pretty much what you need to know.  If you’re in or around Portland, tickets are .

My Favorite Simpsons Quotes – It’s a twofer, with YouTube.

The Top 5 Best Movie-Inspired Theme Park Rides – The Simpsons ride comes in at #3, but it’s worth the click for the aerial photo of the Harry Potter ride.  The castle the visitors see is dwarfed by the warehouse that actually has the ride.

One Image Shows Just How Talented The Simpsons’ Voice Actors Are – This old chart of who does the Simpsons voices was making the rounds this week.

TV’s best shows mostly exist because of crappy sitcom reruns – How reruns of The Simpsons and other shows pay for all those critical darlings.  I have no real objection to the article, but I must object to this:

FXX paid so much money — 0 million — for The Simpsons because it knew this, and because The Simpsons was one of the few remaining cash cows without a cable deal.

That link takes you to this:

The deal also is set to make TV history as the priciest off-network pact ever, expected to fetch at least 0 million, and the first one to include full digital rights. The enormous size of the deal — which some say could potentially reach billion if the series keeps producing new seasons — stems from the staggering volume of Simpsons episodes available

Not only is the 0,000,000 number just “expected”, but it also doesn’t have a source.  It’s like numbers for how much each cast member makes per episode of Zombie Simpsons: a rumor repeated so many times that people take it as fact.  The reality is that nobody outside of News Corp really knows what’s in that deal or how much it’s worth.  I get that writers need to cite facts and stuff, but the entertainment press is really sloppy and lazy and publishing these numbers again doesn’t make them any more trustworthy.

Homer Simpson’s Electric Hammer Created In Real Life (video) – Good idea, but sadly it doesn’t appear to actually hammer nails very well.

Dudeoir Photography – Remember when Homer got Homerotic for that boudoir photo shoot?  Turns out there’s actually a term for that:

Dudeoir is Boudoir for men wrapped up in the “macho” phrase to make it more appealing to men who are insecure of their masculinity.

The Simpsons: three notes that pay composer Danny Elfman’s health insurance – Heh:

“Those are the three notes that kept me in health insurance for 25 years,” composer Danny Elfman says of the opening to The Simpsons theme music.

REVIEW: Mr. Burns a Post-Electric Play at Theater Wit – The Chicago version of the play gets a nice review.

Artist aleXsandro Palombo depicts The Simpsons as Jews in a concentration camp to mark 70th anniversay of Auschwitz liberation – This is that same Italian guy who’s been on a roll with these lately.  (Pro tip: if the word “Auschwitz” appears in the headline, maybe don’t make the related stories sexy celebrities and a bikini model so emaciated I can count her ribs.)

Mr Sparkle – Homer Simpson by Lucas Jubb – Fan made Homer, complete with sunshine, stars and those creepy eyes.

Five Questions For A Blogger. (3) – Including some Simpsons love and a .gif of Milhouse petting that nice doggy on the beach.

What I Watched: Week 2 (Jan 11- Jan 17) – This is wise:

The Simpsons is by far my favourite TV show of all time. I own the first 12 seasons and they’re definitely the most watched discs in my collection because I often grab a season and put in whatever disc. This week I was watching some of season 8 which features Homer’s best buddy Frank Grimes (or Grimey, as he liked to be called).

Monday has spoken… – Heh.

Simpsons at its finest – Heh.

Osteology everywhere: Graffiti – Explaining the lack of graffiti in Kazakhstan with “Lemon of Troy”.

That’s a Coconut Cake! Part 1 | You Can’t Have That One, That’s a Coconut Cake – Trying to recreate Agnes’ inviolable cake on a blog named after it.  Good luck.

An Open Letter to Great Indian Litterbugs – Never having been to India, I can’t comment much on the main subject here, but there is a .gif of Homer and Bart making garbage angels.

Dead Homer Society

Throwback Thursday | 25 Years of ‘The Simpsons’

by on January 22, 2015

What has “The Simpsons” meant to you? What are your favorite episodes? If you are a teacher, do you teach with it? Let us know

NYT > “The Simpsons”

Quote of the Day

by on January 17, 2015

Faith Off5

“You’re the miracle boy with the healing hands, arghhn’t ya?” – Captain McAllister
“Nah, I don’t do that anymore.” – Bart Simpson
“So I guess I’ll have to see someone else about my crippling depression.” – Captain McAllister

Dead Homer Society

People’s Choice Awards Winners And Highlights

by on January 16, 2015

"The Big Bang Theory" and "Grey’s Anatomy" were some of the biggest winners at the 2015 People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night in Los Angeles at the Nokia Theater.

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How ‘Simpsons’ tribute to Charlie Hebdo came together – CNNMoney

by on January 14, 2015

How 'Simpsons' tribute to Charlie Hebdo came together
Jean said "The Simpsons" is picky about making political statements, but that the show needed to address the Charlie Hebdo attack. "Free speech is the bedrock of what we do," Jean added. "And this is what we think is under attack… that's why we
Charlie Hebdo tribute: The Simpsons fly 'Je Suis Charlie' flagSydney Morning Herald
The Simpsons Paid Tribute to Charlie Hebdo Last NightSlate Magazine (blog)
'Je Suis Charlie': 'Simpsons' honors slain journalistsNew York Daily News
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