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by on March 29, 2015

Bart's Dog Gets an F11

“Look, Mom, I finished my patch!  It depicts the two greatest musical influences in my life.  On the left is Mr. Largo, my music teacher at school.  He taught me that even the noblest concerto can be drained of its beauty and soul.  And on the right is Bleeding Gums Murphy.  He taught me that music is like a fire in your belly that comes out of your mouth, so you better stick an instrument in front of it.” – Lisa Simpson

Happy birthday, Alf Clausen! 

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Reading Digest: The Simpsons Will Outlive Us All Edition

by on March 27, 2015

Bart's Friend Falls in Love17

“Hey, Bart, according to this magazine, in another million years man’ll have an extra finger.” – Lisa Simpson
“Five fingers?  Eww, freakshow.” – Bart Simpson

For obvious reasons, this site takes the position that The Simpsons was and is the greatest show ever.  (Zombie Simpsons naturally excluded.)  Of course, plenty of people disagree about that for one reason or another, but the nice thing about being a Simpsons advocate is that I get to cite examples, lots of them.

For instance, this week we have a link to an article about the best sitcom of the 1990s, the author presumes that The Simpsons is grander than all of them and excludes it because it isn’t quite a sitcom.  We also have an interview with Anne Washburn, author of the Mr. Burns play, in which she discusses considering and rejecting a number of other television shows for her premise.  We also also have someone explicitly saying the show will never die while pretending to praise Zombie Simpsons.  And that’s before we get into the tattoos.  And while I can think of no reliable source of information to prove it, I’m willing to bet that Simpsons is the most tattooed show in history.  Oh, and we’ve got usage, fan art, and all the other usual stuff.


35 Simpson Tattoos – Whoa, are there some good ones in there.  I’m partial to Homer as the jack-in-the-box from “Treehouse of Horror II”, Rod and Todd on the thumbs, and Floreda.  Baphomet Lisa is pretty evil too.  As a bonus, here’s another one via Maggie Roswell’s Twitter:

C.M. Burns tattoo

BWW Interviews: MR. BURNS, A POST-ELECTRIC PLAY’s Anne Washburn Ponders Pop Culture After the Apocalypse – The play is coming to Minneapolis, and this is a great observation:

Q: What about “The Simpsons” do you think captures people’s imaginations enough that it would survive a nuclear meltdown?
A: I think people would remember really enjoying it. And it’s a show in which the humor is so verbally precise that lots of people enjoy the act of remembering it even now, and so I think chunks of it would be in readiness.

“verbally precise”, yes.

NewsRadio was the best sitcom of the 1990s – The link above also has a bit about other shows she considered, but statements like this are part of the reason why The Simpsons won out:

This is a high honor. The ’90s featured a host of great sitcoms. There was Seinfeld and Roseanne and Frasier and Friends and The Larry Sanders Show, all shows that are the ancestors of so many great shows on the air right now. (They also had the golden years of The Simpsons, which I don’t classify as a “sitcom,” because it’s animated. Accuse me of splitting hairs, if you must.)

You can have a debate about Newsradio versus other shows.  You cannot have one about The Simpsons.  It’s so absurd that it gets its own explanatory parenthetical in the opening paragraph of an argumentative article at a mainstream media site.

The Simpsons Get A Film Noir Makeover – Some of these paintings I’ve linked before, but I think the Mr. Plow one might be new.  It is gorgeous.

Don’t Have A Cow, Man – This is true:

As a child, I was allowed to watch The Simpsons.

Other children my age weren’t so lucky. Some parents considered The Simpsons as an evil that could negatively effect the minds of their innocent children. It was to be avoided at all costs.

Usually when I see that statement, it’s “As a child, I was NOT allowed”.  Good on your folks.

Northland, Politics, Transport, and Pork – Via reader James T. comes this piece of excellent visual usage from New Zealand:

Why is this important? Well, I suspect what all of these conservative parties have done, including National, is held focus groups where they’ve asked people whether they support more investment in roads. In response, many of these people have said “yes”. Something like these guys.


The Simpsons makeup! – The Marge makeup as used by an actual person.  Bravo on the two tones.

Simpson Characters V2 – Fan drawings, including the rather clever and awesome “Sideshow Warhol”.

How ‘The Simpsons’ Became Immortal – This is one of the most halfhearted defenses of Zombie Simpsons I’ve seen in a while:

I quite enjoy the new Simpsons’ episodes. Granted, they are not as great as the glory years, but I quite enjoy the long-running series’ hot takes on political issues.
And, I can always keep re-watching the old stuff, too.

Talk about damning with faint praise.

Tampa Bay Lightning with the A+ Simpsons reference to mock Bruins fans – This is truly excellent usage:


Hiekkamyrsky Helsingissä – I’m not sure what this all says, but if you scroll down you’ll find a well done Simpsons family, with couch, in beach sand.

March 19, 1990: America loves ‘The Simpsons’; Buffalo, not so much – There’s an image of a TV column from The Buffalo News from twenty-five years ago.  Apparently, “Life on the Fast Lane” didn’t do so hot in the local ratings that week, though the guy (who looks like Ron Swanson) does note that it’s doing much better nationally.  He even closes with this little zinger:

“Elvis” is being marked return to sender, address unknown. ABC is removing its critically acclaimed series from the scheudle and says it will return at a later date. Despite a strong lead-in from “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” “Elvis” has been getting destroyed in the rations nationally by Bart, Homer and the rest of “The Simpsons”.

According to IMDb, ABC dumped the rest of the episodes in the summer then canceled it.

Day 196-Simpsonized – A simpsonized caricature, part the first.

Day 197- Simpsonized – And another.

The Joy of Glitches – I gave up on Tapped Out a while ago, but that is pretty cool looking.

Bartkira! – Is Bender sneaking in there too?

Homer Vs. Lisa And The 8th Commandment – The Mt. Sinai parts are just fantastic:

-The animation of Mt. Sinai is terrific. It’s the kind of quality you can only get with hand-drawn animation. I really wish at least one animated show nowadays would go back to hand-drawn. There was a Peanuts special a few years ago that did that, and it gave the cartoon some nice, charming feel.

-There are lots of funny things going on in the background at the beginning. People beating the crap out of each other, guys chasing woman, and my personal favorite: Homer (the thief) stuffing his shirt with calf idols every time the carver-guy turns around.

Don’t worry, they’ll be wandering out there two weeks, tops.

Brazil legend Pele to lease forehead for commercial advertising – Pele is king of the soccer field, to be king of your lapels, use Crestfield wax paper.

How I’m Feeling Of Late – Heh.

Has ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Surpassed ‘The Simpsons’? – Zombie Simpsons?  Of course.  I think they did that about ten minutes into the pilot.

New trending GIF tagged television the simpsons the… – Remember The X-Files?  They’re back.  In .gif form.

New trending GIF tagged the simpsons season 8… – Poochie would like you to recycle.

Happy Birthday, Spock! – No reason not to have some more Nimoy love, including Simpsons YouTube.

SMARCH with the Simpsons – And finally, I get to end with someone who agrees with us:

Every Sunday at Tattooed Mom, there are free arts and crafts. For the lousy Smarch weather, we’re going to have a Simpsons themed night. Classic Simpsons episodes will play, Ninties episodes only! You will learn how to draw the Simpsons, color the simpsons and paint eggs from Vincent Price’s Egg Magic.

If you’re in or around Philadelphia, that’s happening Sunday night.

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Someone has recreated The Simpsons opening sequence in Minecraft form and the results are spot-on

by on March 25, 2015

The Simpsons might have one of the most iconic opening credits sequences of all time – but here’s how it looks after being given a Minecraft makeover.

This fabulously detailed recreation comes courtesy of Minecraft fan and YouTube user Barely Regal – who has now posted the results online for all to see.

Granted, the opening sequence looks a little blockier than it did in animation form – not to mention Bart’s lack of actual lines being written on the blackboard – but it’s pretty impressive nonetheless.

Good to see they’ve fitted the couch gag in there too:

Simpsons Minecraft

(Picture: Barely Regal/YouTube)

Oh and you might of course have seen this house somewhere before:

Simpsons Minecraft

(Picture: Barely Regal/YouTube)

However it doesn’t end there, with a second video which takes the user on an interactive tour of a fully Minecraft-ed Springfield.

This one features even more of the famous sights and landmarks you’ve come to expect from the TV series, from Krusty Burger through to Springfield Elementary and beyond:

Mind. Blown…

[metro-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2015/03/09/30-things-youll-only-know-if-your-child-is-obsessed-with-minecraft-5093230/” title=”30 things you’ll only know if your child is obsessed with Minecraft”]

[metro-link url=”http://metro.co.uk/2015/02/07/this-recreation-of-game-of-thrones-westeros-in-minecraft-form-is-incredible-5053071/” title=”This recreation of Game Of Thrones’ Westeros in Minecraft form is incredible”]

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‘The Simpsons’ Get The Lego Treatment In 550th Episode (Watch The Trailer)

by on March 22, 2015

Producers of The Simpsons are marking the show’s milestone 550th episode with Legos in an episode titled, "Brick Like Me." In the new episode, Homer wakes up where everything is made of Legos and …

Read More >

The News – Starpulse.com

A Kwik-E-Mart Truck Gave ‘Simpsons’ Fans Brain Freeze Over 3400 Times At … – Huffington Post (satire)

by on March 21, 2015

A Kwik-E-Mart Truck Gave 'Simpsons' Fans Brain Freeze Over 3400 Times At
Huffington Post (satire)
"Wooooah, that's good Squishee." Fans of "The Simpsons" who found themselves in Austin, Texas this week had more than just Lone Star beer to quench their thirst. The world's first mobile Kwik-E-Mart popped up at the annual South By Southwest festival

and more »

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Quote of the Day

by on March 19, 2015

Lisa's Wedding19

“A soy based snack will calm me down.” – Lisa Simpson

Happy 20th Anniversary to “Lisa’s Wedding”! Original airdate 19 March 1995.

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Quote of the Day

by on March 18, 2015

Life on the Fast Lane7

“Look, Dad, I don’t know what’s going on, but once you gave me some advice that might help.” – Bart Simpson
“I gave you advice?  Get out of here.” – Homer Simpson

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‘Simpsons’ Co-Creator Dead At 59

by on March 17, 2015

Nine-time Emmy winner Sam Simon, co-creator of “The Simpsons,” died Sunday of colorectal cancer at his home in Los Angeles, his reps confirmed. He was 59 years old.

Read More >

The News – Starpulse.com

Sam Simon, 59, Dies; Guided ‘The Simpsons,’ Then Shared His Profits

by on March 14, 2015

Mr. Simon left the show after its fourth season in a lucrative arrangement that allowed him to spend much of the rest of his life giving his money away.

NYT > “The Simpsons”

Greys 11.14. Shameless 5.08. Cougar Town 6.09. Nashville 3.15. The Good Wife 6.13. The Simpsons 26.15. Scandal 4.14. Switched at Birth 4.09. Pretty Little Liars 5.22. Eye Candy 1.08. Secrets and Lies 1.01. Secrets and Lies 1.02. American Crime 1.01

by on March 13, 2015

I finally have a holiday coming up, so the next post will come in 2.5 weeks once I catch up with everything. There won’t be any SVU, Nashville or Castle till I come back so it should be easy.

Greys 11.14

This week’s Greys was legendary. The most incredible episode since Cristina left. But are we supposed to be okay with Herman never operating again, just because she lived? At least she can have her work published, but not seeing her mentoring Arizona is going to be painful, and never seeing her again is going to be devastating. I still can’t believe Shonda got Geena Davis to come and stick around for 14 episodes.

The key to win or lose is to never fail. And the only way to fail is not to fight.
So you fight until you can’t fight anymore.
I’m being superhero. There is a scientific study that says if you stay in the superhero pose for just 5 minutes before a job interview, and important presentation or a difficult task, you will not only feel better, but also perform better.
Never let go, never give up. Never run, never surrender.
Fight the good fight. You fight. Even when it seems unevitable that you’re about to go down swinging.
Nice to see you face to face. Now you got to go.
You think or you know?
I thought she had another month.
I hand picked you and you’ve let me down. Now I’m not just questioning your decisions, I’m questioning mine.
Read a book for God’s sake.
She will no longer be Nicole Herman.
I thought you were special.
Dr Herman was with me on my worst day. I just wanted to be with her on hers.
Kill the intercom.
I’m in over my head.
You have it in your head that he’s better than you. But he’s not.
It’s a priviledge. Great priviledge.
This is the point of no return.
You did good, Robbins.
I haven’t been that resident in a very long time.
You’re exposing yourself to direct radiation.
She’s in my head.
That was pretty damn badass.
Did she have a stroke?
You did this for Mark. I can’t make that call.
I knew I picked the right horse.
Can you see anything? Anything at all?
The point is I’m going to get to figure it out. Something’s gonna happen next. The point is, I’m alive.
Cancer took her sight and we took revange on him and killed him.
Only freaking superheroes.
And that’s how you become legendary.


Cougar Town 6.09

I can’t believe there’re only 4 episodes left! It’s one of the shows I waited to start airing and got excited with every new promo. Four episodes to go and we’re still the funniest. Andy crashing into baby trolleys was this week’s masterpiece.

Come on, I’ll destroy that loser.
Except for serial killer.
Hey guys how you doing, I’m Andy.
Let’s pretend it’s a workout.
Normally I would never order that many calories.
In case you’ve left him some place.
There’s my trophy wife.
You look like a three year old who has to go to the bathroom.
Jeez J Bird go to the can already.
That’s some impressive walk.
Since when can you drink kale?
Oh my god, are we having an emotional relationship?
There were two of us in that van.
I just find threatening people relaxing.


Shameless 5.8

Sammy is my favorite, Lip can just ask his girlfriend for a loan, why is he panicking. Deb’s new boyfriend doesn’t know that Deb wasn’t kidding with raping the guy. Sammy shot Frank, because he made fun of her for being so needy. Chucky shitting his pants had me talking for two days. Carl pushing Chucky into the crowd, later drinking coke during class, and finally Frank bringing cotton candy and coke for Chucky and Carl, telling the girl who clearly waited for money to beat it and Frank taking the sweets from the kids and consuming it himself the minute the photo time was over. Sammy took Fiona’s place so smoothly, I cannot complain.

I’m not on duty till 7.
Watch out sixth grade. Third time’s the charm.
Yo, shut the fucking door.
Only one is yours and three don’t live here anymore.
Numchucks and a pack of condoms. Magnum.
Is everyone in line cause their scheldules got fucked?
You’re really gonna shit your pants?
I did a little.
You’re gonna push into them.
Fuck you.
You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.
Take a pic.
Beat it.
Why is Chucky your slave.
Calm down, Sammy.
Tell me you fucking need me!
I love you Daddy.
I love you too Sammy. I love you too.


Nashville 3.15

The Stella Sisters are the real stars of the show. I am obsessed with their vrrsion of Boom Clap. Girl on fire is another great performance by them. I am happy Layla is finally going to show her talent, and The Three XXXs was formed!

Till the day I die.
Like a wish that came true, I can’t stop thinking of you.
Guess who’s opening for Rascall Flats?
With me on stage.
With some gay dude.
I’m gonna have one of your songs up on Itunes in 20 min.
I’m in this band with my two ex boyfriends.
Come sing with me.
Deacon Claybourne.
Can’t believe you’re here with me.
There’re rivers between us.
Please don’t leave me anymore.
I was a victim of domestic abuse.


The Good Wife 6.13

Colin Sweeney’s just the best character.

Tell them they’re ruining my reputation.
Is that a casting tape?
Let the record show I was pointing to my ear.
This TV show makes me out to be a killer.
These are all names of real people.
Oops. I’ll call back.
Let me see those great legs of yours.
Cause I don’t like fags.
Kick that fruitcake when he’s down.
Guess I should have moved those gloves.
Trick trick. Yes yes.
I’m talking about banging that bitch till she screams like a 5000 dollar a night whore.
Like I told ya, fag. Big fag.
Because you’re the best person I know.


The Simpsons 26.15

A terrible fate indeed.
What sir? That’s Homer Simpson.
Kill the car. What is this?
A goat.
I’m sorry I pretended not to be gay.
Pay attention.
I haven’t showed you the place where Dave Grohl got robbed.
There’s never a bright side.
Here’s to suffering in silence.
This involves charity.


Scandal 4.14

Simply great. The father sitting over his son’s body on a yard chair is the most powerful scene of season four. All I need is for Mellie to be the president, but my gut tells me people will fall in love with the new vice president. But is Fitz ready for abother 4 years of marriage? Why isn’t he protesting? What about Vermont?

Bring me the cop who shot my son.
They’re one cigarette from joing Andrew in the stroke world.
Mellie’s next. I promised her.
You’re not auditioning to become America’s next black activist.
I put a university sticker on the car.
And there he is, laid out on a cold street, dead.
Just something about the vice president.
Which side you’re on?
Not yours.
You told me you were going to pick someone boring and unelectable.
I prostituted myself so you’d get your mistress back.
How dare you! What happened to my turn?
Quit or got fired?
I have no more tricks in my bag!
We can check for a knife.
He doesn’t carry a knife!
I did. Besides you were right, we had a deal.
And completely unelectable.
It’s Liv.
Talk faster or less.
There was a suspect in the car.
His blood is not on my hands.
Not just on vaxination.
I’m terrible at talking to people.
A receipt for his new phone.
No one’s going to arrest you Mr. Parker.


Switched at Birth 4.09

They must be doing something wrong since the show is olain boring.

Let’s play ball.
You’re talking to an artist.
A deaf boy who falls in love with a hearing girl.
We’re gonna dance like no one’s watching.
Untitled Emmett Bensoe project.


Pretty Little Liars 5.22

This is how a teen show should go. Poor Hanna, got into all those colleges for nothing.

You’ll be out in 15 years.
The already is already building a case against the oerson they think helped you.
And who’s that?
Hanna Marin.
She went to visit Alison, twice.
The person who hired you is framing an innocent girl.
Take the plea.
Someone is framing her and the same person is framing me.
Do you think we could leave all that darkness behind and start over?
I thought you were right behind me.
But if Hanna is innocent and you name her as you accomplis you’ll have to live with that terrible lie for the rest of your life.
Alison took the plea.
You can tell Turner about A.
Your friends will understand.
What if Turner doesn’t believe me.
You have all those A threats on your phone.
Someone hacked into your phone. Thry erased everything.
Hanna’s been arrested.
So either Voyjack is A or he’s working for him.
They dound Mona’s clothes.
I changed my mind. I’m not taking the plea.


Eye Candy 1.08

Lindy, she’s alive.
It wa staken in your home town. 3 years ago.
My sister knew Babilon?
You’ve got 30 seconds to impress me.
The killer did this. It’s all his plan.
They were using me all along.
They don’t love you. Not like I do.
What if I tell you the people who hired you have information about your sister.
Hello Lindy, it’s so good to see you.
You used me.
What do you know about Sarah?
He’s one of those guys we rejected on Flirtual.
Isn’t that Lindy’s coat?
And she’s dating Lindy’s matches.
You’re the impostor.


Secrets and Lies 1.01

I have decided to give this one a look, because of Kadee Strickland that I miss on my TV every day. I have seen the AU pilot and it was much better, this is a very mediocre pilot. Also, they flew Indiana Evans from Australia. My money is on Kadee being Tommy’s killer.

Help somebody help!
We need you to come with us.
Stop it, leave us alone!
I know you didn’t do it, daddy.
Sometimes accidents happen. Mistakes.
You did know that Tom was your son?


Secrets and Lies 1.02

Better than the pilot.

Have you lied to the detectives?
The test was inconclusive.
His own wife daid he’s dangerous.
Maybe there’s something better on.
Christie, please let me.
So Tom was my brother.
Well you got the son you wanted.


American Crime 1.01

Good pilot, will watch. I have missed seeing Felicity on a daily basis so much. I’m so glad she didn’t retire like two other Desperate Housewives.

My neighboors, they look like they’re pretty much, well, dead.
Your son’s wife, there’s infications she was sexually assaulted.
Someone illegal?
It’s Tuesday and all they have is a description of a car?
And they said that Gwen might have been raped.
Why did you let them jump me?
We have to discuss your daughter being sexually assaulted.
I was at the garage.
They just know he’s illegal.
Do you know what these people did to us?
I still need the phone.
You were renting our car?
You’re under arrest.
I wanna see him.
I would know if my son was in trouble.
Your son was a drug dealer.


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